About Your Rental

We provide heavy duty commercial grade Inflatables for any type of event or occasion. You choose your start time and pick up times are betweeen 6:00Pm and 8:00Pm. We set up our inflatables, which are clean and sanitized, at your designated location at a time chosen by you. We will provide the necessary extension cords and water hoses (up to 100ft). Rentals are all day and you can keep bouncing the whole weekend for 50% off your second day. To book a rental, you pay a $50 deposit to secure your all day bounce. You can pay your full balance in place of the $50 deposit OR pay your remaining balance the day of which the $50 will be applied. We are insured, safe, and clean! We will never take the easy route to sacrifice your safety!


All of our rentals require a $50 deposit to reserve your rental day. The deposit will be applied to your full balance due the day of your rental. All deposits are non refundable and will not be returned due to cancelations. If you do not want to lose your deposit, you can use your deposit to  reschedule your event for a diffrent avalbile date.


If you cancel your rental after paying the depoit your depoist will not be refunded however you will be able to reschedule your event for a diffrent avalbile date. If your event day calls for inclament weather such as heavy rain or wind your rental may be canceled. Our water slides will be able to be used in small amounts of rain, however if the wind and rain worsen you will be required to bring the blower under shelter to ensure it does not get dameged. You will be able to  reschedule your rental due to weather prior to it being droped off.